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Flight Medicine

What we do

The Clinic provides medical and specialty services to members on flying status.  The clinic also provides occupational health examinations for patients managed under the occupational health program.

Beneficiaries Treated

Active Duty Service Members on Flying Status, Cadets on Flying Status and Firefighters

Accessing Care (Follow Instructions for Scenarios Below)

  • Routine Care for Flight Medicine Enrollees

    • Acute Issues: Search for and book same-day appointments online via the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal or contact the access to care line at 719-524-2273, option 1.  Enrollees may also contact the MHS Nurse Advice Line at 800-874-2273 or via video/web chat at

    • Non Acute Issues:   Search for and book future appointments online via the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal or contact the access to care line at 719-524-2273, option 1. 

  • Return to Fly

    • Any time you are seen outside of Flight Medicine Clinic, you will be placed in a Duty Not Include Flying (DNIF) status and require clearance for return to fly, either send a MHS GENESIS Patient Portal secure message to USAF Academy Flight Medicine Clinic or contact the clinic at 719-333-5950 for further instructions.

  • Initial Flying Class (IFC) Exams:  It is important that you do all of the following actions prior to scheduling your IFC exam:

    • Complete online request via ASIMS by navigating to the Medical Clearance tab and clicking button to Start a New Medical Clearance.

    • Must also complete a Medical History Form DD 2807 and send via MHS GENESIS Patient Portal to USAF Academy Flight Medicine Clinic.

    • Once you have submitted your Form DD 2807 via genesis, a flight medicine technician will reach out to you regarding your request. Please wait 3-5 days to be contacted.

  • Periodic Health Assessments (PHA)

    • To initiate your PHA, please click the PHAQ Link located in the PHA Column of your IMR Page (If you're not due for your PHA, you will not be able to start a new PHAQ without the MTF unlocking it). Once you complete the PHAQ, you will need to send a secure message to USAF Academy Flight Medicine Clinic via the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal or if unable to message, call Flight Medicine at 719-333-5950 to schedule your Annual PHA/Flight Physical. This appointment will also take care of the annual MHA requirement.

  • Airmanship Programs: see the Airmanship Program Reference Sheet for more information about whether you need a Basic or Advanced Clearance.

    • Initiate the process by sending a MHS GENESIS Patient Portal message to USAF Academy Flight Medicine Clinic identifying whether you require a basic or advanced Airmanship Clearance

    • Basic Airmanship clearance is good for four years or until graduation

    • Advanced Airmanship is good for one year or until graduation

  • O-Rides:  requests must be sent via the organizational mailbox ( at least two weeks prior to your flight. 

    • If Active Duty, clearance is deferred to the flight line.

    • If Civilian/non TRICARE beneficiary, complete the following:

      1. Fill out the Orientation Ride Questionnaire.
      2. Submit questionnaire to the organization email box two weeks prior to flight date:

      • Any yes responses will need to be reviewed by Flight Medicine
      • Once approved, Flight Medicine will email the requestor and the flight line POC email address
      • Flight Medicine will reach out to the participant if any additional information is needed prior to determining if member is cleared or not
  • Tandem Jumps

  • Waiver Renewals

    • Copy and paste the below questions with typed responses in a new message within the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal:

      • Rank:

      • Race:

      • Gender:

      • Date of Birth:

      • DSN phone:

      • Comm phone:

      • Assigned Unit:

      • Duty Status (Active/Guard/Reserve):

      • ASC (located on the homepage of IMR) use N/A if not applicable:

      • Aircraft type or last Aircraft flown:

      • AFSC:

      • Flying hours in last 6 months:

      • Flying hours total:

      • Rating:

      • Are you PRP:

      • Orders to PCS, if so when?

  • Incentive Flights

    • All incentive flight requests will require in-person appointments with a flight surgeon. Please contact 333-5950 to schedule your appointment.

    • Prior to coming in for your appointment, please visit this link to watch the mandatory flight video for all incentive flight requestors.

    • If cleared at your appointment, a hard copy 2992 will be completed with an expiration date 14 days from date of exam.


  • How to access MyIMR (Individual Medical Readiness)/2992

How to Utilize the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal


From the Dashboard, choose the option to Message My Provider.

In the New Message menu, select the patient that the message is on behalf of.  In the To field, search USAF Academy Flight Medicine Clinic.  Type the appropriate subject, attach files as appropriate and the desired message.

Request Appointments

From the Dashboard, choose the option to Schedule an Appointment.

Select the option to Schedule a New Appointment.  From there, choose the patient that this request is on behalf as well as the Request Appointment (Other) Online in the field Choose a reason for your visit, then Search.

In the Request an Appointment menu, search USAF Academy Flight Medicine in the Send request to field.  Fill in all required fields to assist the Flight Medicine staff with the information needed to fulfill your appointment request.

Patient Experience Survey

We would appreciate your feedback in order to improve the care and service we provide you. To get to the survey, go to Search for "U.S. Air Force Academy," then click on "Flight Medicine" to complete the questionnaire. 

Contact Us


719-524-2273, option 1

After Hours Care

​800-874-2273, option 1 or web chat/video at


  • Monday - Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  • Closed the Second Thursday of every month


2355 Faculty Drive
Suite 1N308, in the Cadet Area

MHS GENESIS Patient Portal

“USAF Academy Flight Medicine Clinic”

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