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Colorado Military Health System Enrollment

Enrollment Procedures

Active Duty personnel will be enrolled to the medical facility on the installation that they are assigned to. If you encounter any difficulty with enrollment to the 10th Medical Group, please contact our Beneficiary Services team at 719-333-5281; via email at, including you and your family members DoD ID numbers in the message, or by using the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal - "message my provider" option, and then choose the "USAF Academy TRICARE Beneficiary Services" with a Subject of "Enrollment." Include DoD ID numbers of all family members requiring enrollment in the message area.

Getting Enrolled

Upon arrival to the Colorado Springs greater area, beneficiaries should initiate enrollment by contacting Health Net Federal Services at 844-866-9378.  Based upon your identified address, you will be offered enrollment at the most geographically appropriate Medical Treatment Facilities (MTFs) within Colorado Springs.  Patients will be offered MTFs which are within a 30 minute drive time of their home address and who have available capacity.

Who We Offer Enrollment To

Beneficiary Categories
Active Duty Service Members, Active Duty Family Members, Retirees, Retiree Family Members, TRICARE Plus are able to remain at the MTF if enrolled prior to reaching Medicare eligibility.
Access Standards/Drive Times
TRICARE prime is required to enroll if within a 30 minute drive time, 31-60 minute drive time is optional with a required access to care waiver. To learn more, go to:
Why Enroll at an MTF if Beyond 30 Minutes?
The 10th Medical Group provides a one-stop shop for all of your primary care and ancillary service needs as well as some specialty care.  Beneficiaries enrolled to a primary care manager off-base will spend many hours or days seeking care from their primary care provider, followed by travel to the pharmacy, laboratory, immunizations, and other specialties. We provide a fully integrated health system and primary care medical home experience.

Steps We Take to Best Navigate Your Enrollment:

When you arrive to Colorado Springs and attempt to establish your enrollment with an MTF, a panel of medical experts will review your healthcare needs to place you with the most appropriate MTF, Primary Care Management Team and Primary Care Manager.  In a small number of cases we may recommend enrollment to a different MTF than the one you were originally placed.  This may be for geographic reasons or the complexity of your medical needs. Ultimately, our goal is to make sure you are enrolled in the right place to maximize the quality of the care you receive.  During this period, you will be placed with an initial enrollment panel and not yet with a PCM.

Please note, that you have all access to care benefits as you will once a permanent PCM is established.  We will ensure that your care is navigated to another provider during this review period.

PCM Change Requests:

If you would like to make a PCM change, we recommend that you contact us directly rather than through Health Net Federal Services.  Normally, we can assist in navigating any of your concerns or requested changes in a more expedient and personal manner. We also may request a form to be completed as part of your request.  This helps us to gather more information in case you feel as though you need a higher level of care or wish to change MTFs within Colorado Springs.

Please contact us either by phone at 719-333-5182 or on the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal.  On the patient portal, use the message my provider option, and then choose the “USAF Academy TRICARE Beneficiary Services” with a Subject of “PCM Change Request.”

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